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File:Edward Duffield Neill by W&F Langenheim c1842.jpg|thumb|Neill c1842 '''Edward Duffield Neill''' (1823–1893) was an United States|American author and educator. Neill was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|Philadelphia. After studying at the University of Pennsylvania for some time, he enrolled at Amherst College and graduated from Amherst in 1842, then studied theology at Andover Theological Seminary|Andover. After ordination as a Presbyterian minister, he moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota|St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1848 where he became pastor of the First Presbyterian church. He also worked as Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Territory in 1851–53, and as chancellor of the State university in 1858–61. During the American Civil War|Civil War he served as an army and a hospital chaplain from 1861–64. He worked for Presidents Abraham Lincoln|Lincoln and Andrew...
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